Our Values

We have 6 core values

The way we design our clothes, run our business and build our relationships is all shaped by our 6 core values.

Fun, colourful clothes

Colourful designs, approved by little people, so that we create clothes kids want to wear. 

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Free from gender stereotypes circular icon

Free from gender stereotypes

All of our designs are free from gender stereotypes, allowing kids to be kids.

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Kind and confident

Our splash 'power button' acts as a reminder to be kind and confident, even at times when it may be hard.

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Slow fashion made to last circular icon

Slow fashion, made to last

High quality, timeless designs 

that can be used time and time again.

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Made from organic cotton circular icon

Made from organic cotton

Made from GOTS certified organic

cotton to reduce our impact. 

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Creating change together circular icon

Creating change together

We donate 1% 

of sales to charity.

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How our values translate into our clothes

  • Designs are unisex and free from gender stereotypes

  • Designs have been approved by a child

  • Designs are fun and colourful

  • The kindness and confidence motif is embroidered on every item

  • The characters in our designs display kindness, confidence and friendship

  • Designs are timeless, allowing the clothes to be passed on regardless of season

  • Generous sizing and roll-up cuffs to allow the clothes to grow with the child

  • Clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton

  • 1% of all sales are donated to charity

“Kindness is one of our core values. It’s part of everything we do, every decision we make, every product we design and every relationship we build. And we feel happier because of it.” 

 Sally Dear, Founder of Ducky Zebra