Your Ducky Zebra clothes are designed to last and pass on to friends and family, no matter what the season or gender. If you don't have anyone to pass them on to, you can either:

  1. Return your clothes to thelittleloop, as part of our Reloop Programme
  2. Return your clothes to Ducky Zebra, as part of our Pre-Loved Programme

Reloop with thelittleloop

We're delighted to announce an innovative new partnership with thelittleloop (as seen on Dragon's Den), which allows you to trade-in your old Ducky Zebra clothes, without any of the usual hassle. Think Vinted BUT better.

Just send your old Ducky Zebra clothes to thelittleloop and receive instant credit to spend in their shop, or on our Ducky Zebra website. They will then list your items, so others can enjoy them - keeping your clothes in circulation. No listing, no haggling, no landfill.

As part of this new 'Reloop Scheme' we've made some updates to our website. You will now be able to see the trade-in value of your Ducky Zebra clothes on each of the product pages. While this kind of information is common on automotive or tech websites, it's revolutionary in the fashion sector, and so we're proud to be on board.

Learn More About Reloop

Pre-loved Programme

Return your Ducky Zebra clothes in exchange for 15% off your next order. We'll then pass them onto the Oxford Baby Bank for re-use. This programme helps spread a little kindness, while reducing the number of clothes that end up in landfill.

Learn More About Pre-loved

Both schemes reward you for returning your old Ducky Zebra clothes, ensure they remain in circulation (rather than heading to landfill), and allow others to enjoy them after you.