Give their clothes another life

Trade in their old clothes for credit to spend with Ducky Zebra or thelittleloop

With our revolutionary new partnership with thelittleloop, every eligible item on our site now comes with a 1-click trade-in promise. See the amount you might earn before you even buy. And earn instant credit when you return it.

The best bit? It couldn't be easier...

How it works

Buy Smarter

Buy from us and see an upfront trade-in price. After checking out you can save your items in your digital closet on thelittleloop to resell later

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Trade Your Items

When you no longer need your item, visit your digital closet, select items you wish to return, and receive a shipping label.

Receive Credit

thelittleloop will process your items and award you instant credit based on their condition. Credit can be exchanged for vouchers to spend with us!

Who are thelittleloop?

Hi! We're the UK's leading pre-loved clothing shop for kids. We take your kids' old clothes off your hands and give you instant credit in return

  • no listing

  • no haggling

  • no landfill

We partner with THE best ethical and sustainable brands to help their customers resell their clothes. Giving us the best preloved selection around, and giving you a one stop shop to recirculate your children's outgrown clothes with NONE of the usual faff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do?

Very little!

1. After checkout you can save your new purchases on thelittleloop in just a couple of clicks

2. Enjoy the clothes and we'll send you a reminder in a few months to see if you're ready to trade them in.

3. When you're ready, just login, select the items you wish to trade-in, and we'll send you a shipping label / QR code (you can even arrange a Royal Mail collection).

4. That's it!

As soon as we get the items, we pay you in credit. Which you can spend on thelittleloop, or exchange for a voucher to spend with The QT.

n.b. We store the purchase price, the image, and size of each item. So when you come to trade it, there's absolutely no information to provide. And because we pay you instantly you won't have to wait for them to sell, or risk being haggled down to nothing :)

Is the trade-in value guaranteed?

The trade-in value we show on each product and in your online closet is based on a predicted item condition. If the item arrives back to us in the condition we predict, then you will receive the trade-in value shown. We will adjust it for differing conditions.

How are trade-in prices calculated?

You will receive 35% of the price we can sell the item for. Those prices are calculated as follows:

- Brand New items = 60% RRP

- Excellent Used items = 40% RRP

- Very Good Used items = 35% RRP

- Good Used Items = 30%

- Satisfactory Used items = 20% RRP

We promise to judge your clothes fairly. In fact, 79% of clothes we receive are rated good or better.

What happens to the clothes I return?

Every item will be assessed by our expert team, to decide its condition.  If it is saleable, you will automatically receive your credit, based upon its condition. 

The item will then be steamed, and any defects photographed before being listed for sale.

Our conditions are:

- Brand new: Never worn and/or with tags

- Excellent: Like new, no imperfections.

- Very Good: Used a few times, but still looks great.

- Good: Obviously worn with some signs of wear but no significant stains or damage

- Satisfactory: Used a lot and may have minor stains or defects

If an item cannot be sold it will be recycled by our UK recycling partner.

What about items which we didn't buy from you or a brand partner?

We know you don't want to be sending some clothes to one place, and the rest to another.

So - as well as your trade-in items - we'll accept ANY clean, wearable kids clothes they no longer wear.

Just order a clear-out pack from thelittleloop and send it back with your trade-in items. You'll get £5 for every full bag!

thelittleloop only partner with the brands who are doing it right. Who are ethical and sustainable to the core.

Their key brand criteria:

- Garment workers paid a fair wage

- Sustainable materials used for the majority of garments

- Quality garments built to last more than 2 children

So when you shop from a thelittleloop certified brand, you can shop entirely guilt free!