BBC Radio Oxford: From marketing cars to selling clothes

It was fantastic to catch up with Sophie Law from BBC Radio Oxford, as part of their Women in Work series.

During the interview our founder, Sally Dear, shares "that lightbulb moment" when her daughter at the age of 4 made her see the world through her eyes.

She also discusses why representation matters, and the fear (and happiness) she felt when she left her career in marketing to set up her dream business in kids clothing.

"Representation matters immensely. Children during their early years are heavily influenced by what they see and hear around them, and that goes on to influence their choices and decisions later in life ... we need to be able to see ourselves and know that we can be whoever and whatever we want to be."

Fancy a listen? The programme is available on catch up for one year at BBC Sounds.

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My grandson loves bright colors, but his favorite is pink, he has a pink and blue shirt that has a dinosaur on that he is wearing most days. He also loves to change clothes during the day to suit his mood and activities. He is three years old and one of his favorite things to wear is his sister’s tutu. Would love some pink and red boy clothes.

Katherine Jones March 19, 2024

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