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We're delighted to have been invited to join Ecollecty, a new platform that discovers and curates beautiful, sustainable products from trusted brands. Their ambition is to bring transparency and credibility to sustainable shopping, and we're proud to be sitting alongside other fantastic eco-friendly brands such as Frugi, Neal's Yard Remedies and The Den Kit Company.

So what is Ecollecty? Why do they exist? And how do they help their customers? We were fortunate enough to catch up with their founder, Maria Cardador, who told us a little more.

Why did you set up Ecollecty?

Ecollecty was born from our own experience of wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Considering the environmental challenges we face, and looking at guiding our own children through them, we decided to start our research and understand how we could make that change.

As part of the journey, we became aware that a big part of it would be reusing and buying less, but when it came to buying something new, we realised how hard it was to fully understand which products and brands to trust and how sustainable they were.

Ecollecty is the result of our learnings. Ultimately, we wanted to create a space to showcase certified products from trusted brands and help everyone, like us, who are pursuing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

What has been your highlight?

I think the highlight of setting up Ecollecty so far has been discovering and partnering with so many amazing brands, which follow great principles and create alternatives which are better for people and the planet.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge so far has been not being able to showcase as many products and brands at the speed we would like. Also to share it with as many people as possible. Not an easy task, but we are just getting started.

What is your ambition for Ecollecty?

Our main ambition with Ecollecty is to bring transparency and credibility to sustainable shopping. This has led us to define 3 key mission points:

  • Inspire and help people to start a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Reduce waste by making better shopping decisions
  • And finally support the brands who are creating and helping this transformation.

How do you select the brands you work with?

We’ve been very lucky to be able to work with brands we love and are doing great things, such as Ducky Zebra. We carefully select the shops we work with and the brands we showcase. As part of our mission we want to support and raise awareness about those brands’ ethical and sustainable credentials.

We believe we all stand by the same principles of a better future and a better world. Together we can make change happen.

Want to find our more? 

You can discover more about Ecollecty and their mission at www.ecollecty.com 

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