You can now rent Ducky Zebra kids’ clothes with thelittleloop

We’re really excited to announce that you can now rent a selection of our Ducky Zebra kids’ clothes with thelittleloop - the UK’s biggest shared wardrobe for kids, aged 1 to 10 years.  

Insured against stains and general wear and tear, you can rent our clothes stress-free and swap them whenever you like. Typically thelittleloop rents an item of clothing between 4 and 5 times; after which they’re sold or recycled, meaning nothing ends up in landfill. 🙌

Save money, save time, save storage 

thelittleloop was founded by Charlotte Morley, mum of two, after she grew frustrated with the current kids’ clothing market. Charlotte says:

“Kids grow out of clothes so quickly resulting in wasted money, and cupboards overflowing with unused garments - ultimately destined for landfill. Hand-me-downs are sustainable but don’t cater to the individual identities of our little ones. I figured that I couldn’t be the only parent to realise this system is broken. So I started thelittleloop.”

Through their no commitment subscription you can access an ever-changing wardrobe with unlimited swaps and insurance against stains. 

Why are Ducky Zebra excited about the partnership with thelittleloop?

At Ducky Zebra we try to make our clothes as sustainable as possible. We use certified organic cotton to reduce our environmental impact, include features like roll-down cuffs so that our clothes can grow with the child, and are creative with how we manage our waste - including upcycling and a pre-loved programme. Plus our unisex designs mean our clothes can be passed down regardless of gender. 

But there’s always more that we can do, especially when it comes to extending the lifespan of our clothes. And so we’re delighted to partner with thelittleloop, as it not only allows us to extend the lifespan, but it also makes our clothes more accessible to more people through their rental programme. 

We’re proud to be joining other sustainable clothing brands, who also partner with thelittleloop, such as Frugi, Kite and Pigeon Organics.

We can vouch for thelittleloop, as we use them ourselves!

Sally, founder of Ducky Zebra, is a customer of thelittleloop, and loves renting clothes for her daughter (who is sadly too big for her Ducky Zebra clothes). She says

“My daughter loves the process of selecting her own clothes, and choosing items that would normally be an occasional treat to buy. With rising prices and the negative impact of the fashion industry on the world around us, renting clothes at an affordable price is such a brilliant option.”

What about clothing rental for babies?

thelittleloop offers clothes suitable for children aged 1 to 10 years. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, we’re also proud partners of Borro - who offer baby clothing rental (0 - 12 months). 

How does clothing rental work with thelittleloop? 

  1. Choose your monthly subscription plan 
  2. Select the items you’d like to rent
  3. Enjoy the clothes - no need to worry about stains (they're insured to cover this)
  4. When you're finished, send the clothes back for free
  5. Start all over again 🙌 
Want to give it a go? Join thelittleloop rental revolution.

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