You can now rent Ducky Zebra baby clothes with Borro

Interested in renting our Ducky Zebra baby collection? Look no further. We've formed an exciting partnership with Borro, a baby clothing rental service, which allows you to rent our baby clothes (0-12M) for as little as £2.50 a month.

Save money, time, storage and the planet

Borro was launched in 2021 by founder, Sarah Green. Why? After Sarah had her first child she watched the pile of outgrown baby clothes mount and struggled to find time to sort/donate/resell/recycle them. Looking for a solution to the problem of owning something you only need for a month or two, she launched the rental service. Borro offer clothes from a range of high quality, sustainable brands including Kite, Pigeon Organics and Mori. Ducky Zebra is the latest addition to their line-up. 

Both Sally, founder of Ducky Zebra, and Sarah are mums-of-two, and their exciting partnership offers an innovative solution to a number of issues, including the rising cost of living, the damaging effect of gender stereotypes in early years and the negative impact of the fashion industry on the world around us. 

Sally says “At Ducky Zebra we use certified organic cotton to reduce our environmental impact, include features like roll-up/roll-down cuffs so that our clothes can grow with the child, and are creative with how we manage our waste - including upcycling and our pre-loved programme. But there’s always more that we can do. And so we’re delighted to partner with Borro, allowing us to extend the life cycle of our clothes and make them more accessible to more people through their rental programme. It’s an exciting next phase of our journey.”

Sarah is equally excited by the partnership, saying: 

“At Borro we only stock organic, ethically-made brands and are always looking to bring new exciting clothes to our customers, which is why Ducky Zebra is perfect for us. By renting rather than buying clothes, Borro allows parents to have the best, sustainable brands without the hassle of what to do with them after. Bringing Ducky Zebra’s unique colourful unisex range to Borro makes it easy for parents to dress their baby without stereotypes and be sustainable as well!”  

How does it work? 

    1. Browse and choose the clothes you want. All clothes have a monthly rental price. You will pay this amount for every month you rent the clothes

    2. Once you've selected the clothes, they should arrive within three days

    3. Enjoy the clothes - no need to worry about stains (they're insured to cover this)

    4. When you're finished, send the clothes back for free in the reusable bag they came in

    5. Start all over again 🙌 

Want to give it a go? Join the rental revolution.

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