We've Opened a Shop! Come and Visit us in Burford

We’ve opened a shop, but not on our own — where’s the fun in that? Instead, we’ve teamed up with 10 local businesses to create a unique shopping experience in the historic town of Burford, nestled in the Cotswolds. 

Together, we offer a curated selection of high-quality products, including homeware, jewellery, knitwear, candles, and of course, our sustainable childrenswear.

Burford holds a special place in our hearts, as it’s where our journey began. Our very first design meeting (which sparked the creation of our original Ducky Zebra print) took place at the Burford Garden Centre. It feels wonderful to be returning to the area again.

Sally Dear, Founder of Ducky Zebra, shares a little more about the shop, including how the collective works, which brands are involved and why she said 'yes' to the opportunity.

Behind the scenes at No. 31: The Burford Small Business Collective

How did the opportunity arise? 

The small business network is an incredible one. Through it we’ve made so many friends. One of which is the lovely Zoe Duff, Founder of The Phive, a sustainable children’s brand - with a focus on creative learning. 

In May I received a call from Zoe, who was absolutely buzzing. She mentioned the possibility of opening a shop in Burford, and was busy creating a list of local, high-quality brands to invite. I was over the moon to be asked, especially as I knew and admired the other brands who were also on Zoe’s list. One week later we received the green light. Three weeks later we opened our doors!

Why did we say yes to opening a shop?

When we first launched Ducky Zebra we had a 4-month pop-up in the Oxford Covered Market. While it wasn’t viable long-term (we were working 7 days a week while also managing every other aspect of the business) it allowed us to appreciate the benefits of a physical store. It was amazing to meet customers, hear feedback and have a base we could call home. So, to have the opportunity to experience all of these benefits, but without the 7 day week commitment felt too good to be true. 

Which brands are involved with the Burford Small Business Collective?

We’re so proud to have our sustainable kids’ clothes sitting alongside so many other amazing brands, all local to Burford and the surrounding Cotswold area:

From July, Nutmeg and Thyme will be joining the collective, offering 100% vegan and gluten free, freshly prepared, locally sourced food. The only food outlet in Burford to do so!

How does the Burford Small Business Collective work? 

First and foremost we’re a group of friends who support, champion and admire one another’s businesses. We’ve invested time (and training) to get to know one another's brands - so we can represent and sell one another’s products. We take it in turns to look after the shop - just one day a week - which means we can manage other aspects of our business alongside the shop. One day a week feels like a breeze compared to our Covered Market days!

“No.31 has quickly become a very special venture with all involved giving it their all to make it a huge, stand out success. The collective is working so well as each member is showing their true passion for each other’s success which in turn motivates all to equally strive for each other. We’ve already created a very unique Cotswolds shopping experience like no other with an infectious air of positivity that can really be felt.”  Zoe Duff, The Phive

Is it just another pop-up? 

No, we hope not! We’re committed to making the shop a success and plan to stay long-term.

Where can you find the shop? 

You can find us at No. 31 in a charming 13th Century building on the High Street in Burford. We’re dog friendly - so please feel free to bring your 4-legged friends with you too!

Are there plans to open up a Ducky Zebra shop elsewhere?

No. But we do have a fantastic (and growing) list of stockists, who are valued members of our Ducky Zebra family - and allow you to see our clothes across the UK. 

What if you don’t live close to Burford?

Come and visit us anyway … It's a great holiday destination! But if not, you can browse and shop online and see our clothes in person at one of our amazing stockists. You can also give the shop a follow on insta at no.31burford to see more behind the scene news.

Do you have any other questions about the shop? Let us know in the comments.

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