A ‘Power Button’ To Support Your Child With Kindness and Confidence

All of our clothes at Ducky Zebra have an embroidered splash ‘power button’, often tucked inside a pocket for your child to touch and feel. It acts as a physical reminder to splash kindness and confidence, even at times when it might be hard.

Why the focus on kindness and confidence?

High street girls' clothes are often pink, cute and impractical. They promote kindness, but not always confidence. And boys’ clothes are often blue, aggressive and adventure seeking. They promote confidence, but not always kindness. Ducky Zebra brings these two characteristics together, allowing all children, whatever their gender, to celebrate both kindness and confidence equally. 

Why does kindness matter?

Everyday acts of kindness can bring happiness for both the receiver and the giver. Even small things, like a smile or a ‘hello’ can make both sides feel good. The effort required is small, and yet the impact is big. Research shows that there’s a positive feedback loop between kindness and happiness. When we do something kind, we feel happier. And the happier we feel, the more likely we are to be kind. 

Kindness is also linked to a number of physical and emotional benefits, including cardiovascular and positive mental health. According to our own research at Ducky Zebra, kindness is the top characteristic parents and carers want their children to have. 

Why does confidence matter?

When kids are confident and positive about themselves, they’re more likely to have a growth mindset. This helps them to be more resilient, learn from their mistakes, take on new challenges and ask for help when they need it. All of these factors help them to become more successful later in life. 

Indeed, there’s a positive correlation between confidence and success. A confident person usually communicates more easily, inspires trust from others, builds quicker relationships, removes self-doubt and applies an energy and motivation to act. According to our research, confidence is the second top characteristic parents and carers hope their children will have.

Why is the power button in the shape of a splash? 

  • Kindness has a ripple effect: When you’re kind, you inspire others to also be kind. Our splash-shaped power button represents the ripple-effect of kindness.
  • Confidence has the power to grow: Confidence is like a muscle, the more you practise, the stronger it gets. The splash-shaped power button represents this growth mindset - with confidence growing and spreading - just like a splash.

Where can you find the power button on your Ducky Zebra clothes?

On most of our items with pockets, you can find the splash inside the pocket. Because it has been embroidered, it’s slightly raised, allowing your child to touch and feel it. On other items, you might find it on the sleeve, incorporated into the design, or on the back near the neck.

How can you help your child make the most of the power button?

Encourage your child to positively associate the rubbing of the splash with feelings of confidence, resilience and kindness. Perhaps they’re feeling scared or worried about going to a friend’s party, and because of the positive association, the splash gives them the confidence to go. Or maybe they have a new sibling, and the rubbing of the splash encourages them to be kind and caring towards their new brother or sister.

One of our Ducky Zebra customers rubs her splash before auditions and rehearsals to remind herself that she CAN do it! Another customer found it useful when his new baby brother arrived. We’d love to hear how your child uses their Ducky Zebra splash. Does it provide comfort or an extra boost of confidence? Drop us an email at hello@duckyzebra.com or tag us on social media @duckyzebra to let us know. 

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