5 Benefits of Dressing Kids in Bright Colours

When my daughter was 3 years old she not only developed her own unique style, but also a wilful determination to embrace it. Think clashing colours, tutus with leggings and bright, bold hues - all topped with a pair of sunglasses and a funky straw hat (no matter what the weather). It transpires you can learn a lot from a three year old. 

Her unconventional wardrobe choices weren't just about fashion. They were a form of self-expression. The riot of colours and mismatched items brought her joy and confidence. She’d sussed out ‘dopamine dressing’ from a young age. And so, in this article we explore the benefits of dressing your kids’ in bright clothes, from creating a positive mindset to standing out in a crowd and sparking creativity.

Here are 5 benefits of dressing your kids in bright, bold colours:

1. Colourful clothes help you to stand out in a crowd 

Do you have a toddler who’s prone to wandering off? Or a preschooler who loves to explore? Bright colours make your child more visible, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. Plus, the bright colours make them more visible to others, including motorists, which offers an additional safety benefit.  

2. Lift your mood with a bright wardrobe

Can colourful colours really affect your mood? According to Jo Joynes, Colour, Style and Makeup Consultant at Colour with Confidence “The colour we wear has a huge impact on our daily lives, how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us.” She continues: “Injecting the right colours and combinations can have a huge psychological impact which goes way beyond simply 'looking nice'.” 

This theory is often referred to as ‘dopamine dressing’ and is the belief that you can boost your mood and feel good through the clothes you wear. Indeed, according to an article from Colour Meanings each colour has an individual impact on a child’s learning ability and behaviour, with colours such as yellow and orange winning when it comes to boosting our mood.

    • Blue often stimulates a cool and relaxed environment, promoting a sense of trust and security 
    • Red is the colour of energy, passion and strong feelings. In school rooms it is often used in combination with other colours, as it can help in detail oriented or repetitive tasks
    • Yellow is the colour of happiness and positivity. It’s attention grabbing and can stimulate intelligence. It is ideal for use in kids’ rooms, studies and play areas. Ducky Zebra LOVES the colour yellow, and we do our best to incorporate it throughout our designs
    • Green is often linked to nature, and can have a calming influence on children
    • Pink is a calming colour and is often used to promote feelings of warmth and care
    • Purple is often associated with luxury, creativity and sophistication
    • Orange is often linked to energy, enthusiasm and warmth. It is also associated with creativity and critical thinking. 

3. Colour stimulates creativity and cognitive development

The process of colour recognition is an important part of cognitive development. And so, by wearing a variety of colours, your child has additional opportunities to learn and identify the different shades, especially if you use them as a talking point. Plus, as noted above, colours can prompt different behaviours and emotions. Certain shades are more likely to spark creativity, such as purple, yellow and orange. 

4. Colourful clothes can help children to express themselves 

Step into any high-street kids’ clothes shop and you’ll be met by a wave of pinks, purples and pastels in the girls' section and dark greens, greys and blues for the boys'. Why limit children to such a narrow range of colours, especially if these colours impact how they’ll feel and behave? By giving children access to a range of colours, they have more opportunities to express themselves and their own unique styles. Indeed, as we've learnt, some of the funkiest outfit combos are those selected by a strong-minded three year old!

5. Colour can prompt social interaction 

We regularly receive feedback from parents and carers that their children love to point out the different colours and characters on their Ducky Zebra clothes. They prompt a positive conversation between child and adult, helping to develop vocabulary and social skills. According to a report by Gao, Maurer, Cullen and Risenhuber vibrant colours may also attract positive attention, making people more noticeable and approachable. 

Bright colours spark positivity, creativity and self-expression

We often see an explosion of colourful clothes in high-street shops during spring and summer. But the benefits of a bright, bold wardrobe are just as important during autumn and winter. In a Ducky Zebra survey one parent mentioned “I believe happy cheery clothes make my boys smile more.” 
At Ducky Zebra we believe every child should have the opportunity to wear happy, cheery clothes, to access the full-range of colours, and to be able to express themselves through the clothes they wear. Pinks and purples shouldn’t just be for girls, nor blues and greens just for boys. Instead they should be enjoyed by all children.

“The benefits of dressing children in colourful clothes extends beyond fashion and style. The bright colours help to spark positivity, creativity and self-expression. They also allow children to stand out from the crowd, which is a definite benefit when you have an active child who’s keen to explore.” - Sally Dear, Founder & CEO of Ducky Zebra

What are your experiences of dressing children in bright colours? Pop your comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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