Inspire A Love Of Nature: Download Your Kids' Eco Award Chart

At Ducky Zebra we're on a mission to inspire kindness and confidence in children. And that includes being kind to the planet too. It's a big mission. And so we're pleased we're not doing it alone. It's Our Planet Too is a fantastic organisation that shares many of our values, including a love for the environment.

Founded by Kate Cohen, It's Our Planet Too encourages children to love and care for the environment. They want kids to become eco heroes who seek to make a positive change for a greener future. Their website is full of fantastic resources, tool kits and eco tips and tricks. Do check them out. 

We're delighted to have partnered up with them to create the Little Green Star Award chart to encourage children to take care of the environment. And to celebrate their effort, you can download our 'I am Kind to the Planet' certificate too.

Download your Little Green Star Award Chart >

Download your I am Kind to the Planet Certificate >

Image of Chidren's Eco Award Chart and I am Kind to the Planet Certificate

 We'd love to hear how you get on. Drop us a comment below!

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