Webinar: Closing the gender gap of confidence and emotional literacy

Ducky Zebra and not only pink and blue Join Forces to Host Free Event on How We Can Close The Gender Gaps of Confidence and Emotional Literacy in Children

We're really excited to be co-hosting a free online event on Monday 17th October to explore how we can close the gender gaps of confidence and emotional literacy in children. With girls' confidence levels plummeting by 30% between the ages of 8 and 14 and boys' being exposed to far fewer ways to define their emotions than girls - these gaps impact most children, as well as adults later in life. 

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According to our recent research over 85% of parents and carers are concerned by the impact of gender stereotypes on children. But only 12% feel confident that they can break this cycle. During the webinar we will support parents and carers with this challenge by tackling questions such as: 

  • Why is it that girls’ confidence levels drop? 
  • Are boys inherently more likely to struggle with - or suppress - their emotions?
  • What’s the impact of these gaps? And how do they affect us later in life?
  • How can we close these gaps?

The event will run from 8 - 9pm, and will be joined by expert speakers including:

  • Professor Gina Rippon: a pioneering researcher in the field of cognitive neuroimaging based at the Aston Brain Centre, Aston University in Birmingham. She is also the author of The Gendered Brain, in which she deconstructs the stereotypes that swamp us from the moment we’re born, and shows how this social conditioning moulds our sense of self and even shapes our brains. 
  • Kirstie Beaven: writer and editor, and the founder of Sonshine - a magazine about raising boys for a more equal world and
  • Ogo Mkparu: Co-Founder of unisex kids' clothing brand Akwa Baby. Their eco-conscious prints are inspired by African heritage with a positive social narrative. Ogo, father of three, will share his personal experiences around growing up, gaining confidence and realising the power of emotional literacy.

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The online event is timely, taking place just after Mental Health Awareness Week. Clare Willetts, founder of not only pink and blue says:

Many of us are aware of the Gender Pay Gap. But what about the Gender Confidence Gap for girls? And the Emotional Literacy Gap for boys? A lack of confidence can affect the subject choices we choose, the career paths we take and the opportunities we grab. It can also affect our mental health and self-esteem.” 

Sally Dear, founder of Ducky Zebra adds: “A lack of emotional literacy can affect our resilience, ability to cope with challenges and potential to connect with others. It can also affect our mental health and behaviour.”

Sally concludes: “These ‘skill-gaps’ are equally damaging for girls and boys, men and women - and so we’re delighted to be exploring the topic further and discussing how we can close these gaps.”

We do hope you can join us. Register for your free tickets and to receive a copy of the recording after the event. 

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